FAQ - Video Conferencing

  • 1.Video Conferencing
  • What is video conferencing?

    Simply, video conferencing allows a conversation between multiple people (video and audio) on many devices at once anywhere in the world. Eg, Mobiles, I Pads, Desktop and Laptop computers.



  • Can people speak back?

    Yes, think of this like an office meeting except all the people in the meeting can be anywhere in the world.

  • How does it work?

    Different companies use different video conferencing providers and products, many of these systems do not talk to each other. Our system acts as a bridge between systems.

  • How many people can take part?

    Did you mean sites or people?

    A, Sites can be many different locations anywhere in the world, we can support up to 25 sites/locations.

    B, You can have from 1 to as many people that can sit in your room at any site/location.

  • Do I need any other equipment to view?

    If there are just a couple of people on your site in the meeting then you can both comfortably sit in front of a laptop.

    If you want a group of people to take part in the same room then you will need to attach our laptop to a projector to view on a larger screen. We can supply both projectors and screens if required.

  • What will I need?

    Well, first thing to consider when making your room/venue booking is the internet connection and speed. Ask the venue if they have a dedicated internet connection with both an upload and download speed of at least 2mb.

    We will provide the rest of the equipment. We will turn up with:

    • On site engineer to set up the equipment
    • Laptop with dedicated software
    • Camera with remote control
    • Additional Projector and screen (if booked and required)
  • What about time zones?

    Good question, you will need to take into consideration world time zones when planning your video conference along with any religious considerations. This can all be found online.