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Video Conferencing Birmingham

Does your company need to involve several teams over a few sites but you all have to huddle uncomfortably around the only conference phone in the building?

Video Conferencing Birmingham

Perhaps you want to organize a training day but don't want the cost of hiring rooms, paying travel, hospitality and accommodation?


You may already have a conference booked and are frustrated as one of the invited speakers for a Q&A session cannot now spare the time to make it personally.


Mobile Video Conferencing Birmingham

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Why not take your digital communications to the next level and use our video conference services for your next event.


Video Conferencing Services Birmingham

We all know the side effects of business travel: being tired, logistics, separation from colleagues and family. Our video conference service helps avoid these problems. It allows members to concentrate on the purpose of the meeting and can help with faster decision-making and consequently allows your company to work in a more efficient manner.


Benefits of using our video conferencing services:

  • Video conferencing allows you to recreate a meeting framework.


  • Means people can communicate with each other in real time and discuss as if they were in the same room. You can be at home, work or even on holiday (umm!!) and still easily join in with the video conference on any device.


  • We provide dedicated bridging servers with bandwidth along with your unique private meeting code so your video conference can last as long as you wish with multiple remote sites and users anywhere in the world securely.


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Difference between our video conferencing solutions and others?

  • Our video conferencing solutions are completely open so it does not matter what hardware device you use for your video conference. Think of our service as a 'bridge' which technically allows any device to speak to each other from anywhere in the world.


  • Our solution is also an encrypted service so it is completely private and safe unlike free video conferencing services you may have seen available. These 'Free services' are technically 'LOCKED DOWN' that means they do not integrate with the myriad of different hardware devices and software already out there on the market that you may be using. Plus, and more importantly, these services are not encrypted so you will be vulnerable to security and privacy issues when using them.


Cost of our service

Package price for one off video conference: £300.00 

This includes:

  • Onsite technician (2 hour call)
  • Hardware and camera
  • Secure video conference call between two sites (point to point)
  • Pre conference configuration and test 


Optional extras

  • Additional bridge to any remote site world wide, per site per day £65.00 
  • Hardware with video conference camera, per site per day £75.00
  • Technician onsite per hour £35.00 (minimum of 2 hours)

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All of the above excludes travel, accommodation and vat at current rating