Video Editing Suite

We don’t just film materiel and edit from scratch, often clients come to us with archive footage and want us to integrate this footage into their latest videos.

video editing suite for hire

Our video editing facility comprises of Avid Media Composer with a host of Genarts Safire and other plugins which can easily cross platform into Adobe CS5 for any graphic work that may be required.

We can ingest from most professional and prosumer formats e.g Digibeta, Betas Sp, DVcam down to older High and Lowband U formats.
Even if you’re original is NTSC or Secam we have both NTSC Digibeta and SP machines along with our Alchemist with Phase correlation and clean cut. So we can save you hours of pre production in trying to get any form of standards conversion or find someone to convert your footage ready to edit.

All of our output can be at full HD and we can also get your material cleared for content and technical acceptance for broadcast.


Avid MC suite with editor £300.00 per day (8 hour day) or £45.00 per hour.

Graphic design work £POA