Recording Studio

Dimensions: 2.4mtr x 2.9mtr

Here at Titan we have a professional sound proofed recording studio booth available to hire. You can choose to book with or with out a technician depending on your requirements.

Whether its a simple podcast you need recording or an emerging artist we can help.

The recording booth comes with 1 x AKG 414 mic with stand and wind shield. Additional microphones are available to hire along with DI boxes, back line amps and also a Roland RD170 stage piano.

Recording Studio Control Room

Dimensions: 2.7mtr x 2.5mtr

Recording Studio for hire birmingham


Recording Studio hire

The control room has a 24/48 channel sound desk with 8 sub groups. Audio can be monitored through two Tannoy active speakers.

Performers can also monitor audio mixes through headphones in the booth, all mixes can be individually mixed.

There are options to record onto CD, MP3, WAV and multitrack.

We have the ability to stream live audio from our recording booth, you might want to produce an internet radio station on a weekly/monthly basis, or make a live podcast with the ability for listeners to email questions in.

Listeners can access this via our bespoke and generic streaming platform, this can be password protected and accessed by all devices including mobiles and tablets.

We can provide analytics after the event to show you how many people tuned in, for how long and from what location.


Recording studio/control room: £25.00 Per hour (minimum booking of two hours)

Additional microphones: £17.50 per mic (call to discuss requirements)

Back-line amps available: £30.00 each

(Marshall Valvestate 2000 AVT)

(Marshall Acoustic AS100D Soloist)

(Ampeg Bass Amp BA-115)

Roland RD 170 stage piano: £50.00

Laney keyboard amp: £30.00

DI Boxes: £5.00 each

Live audio streaming: POA (For more information about our live streaming services click here)