Audio Recording

We can visit your venue to record your event using a multi mic set up. With a small amount of post production, your audio master will be ready for duplication.

You can then either order as many CD’s as you require setting your own profit margin for resale or use for your own promotional purpose.

How we can help

You can even have your recording formatted as an audio file for integration into presentations such as automated audio description stations or onto your website as a podcast.

Podcast - A Guide to video production (Chapters to our podcast audio book are released each week for 7 weeks, if you want direct links to latest podcast follow us on Facebook and Twitter)

Chapter 1 - Why video is key to your marketing

Chapter 2 - Key Considerations

Chapter 3 - Scripting your video

Chapter 4 - Filming locations

Chapter 5 - Post-production

Chapter 6 - End product

Chapter 7 - About Titan

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