The impact of video

There are some interesting fallacies to be aware of:

1, Videos are only produced by large companies with huge marketing budgets (we’ll dismiss this fallacy in a moment)

2, We can hire a video recorder and do it ourselves cheaply (there are plenty of videos around where this has clearly been done and the impression it gives of the company speaks for itself) Please watch Filming it yourself.


Filming it yourself

Is it really worth filming it yourself in the long run?

Websites without Video

Increase the viewing time on your website by up to 83% with video

Video is just a temporary fad (I think the fact that You Tube is now one of the most used sites for on-line searches show this is not the case)

What I am saying here is that video should be forming a key part of your marketing strategy, especially as, despite the statistics, most companies have still not tapped into its power. Therefore it gives your company the chance to have an edge over your competition.

So lets’ deal with the fallacy regarding costs of producing video. Because of our structure, range of equipment and the fact that we 100% own all our kit, we do not carry the huge overheads of most video production companies. On the other side of the coin, we have vast experience of producing broadcast quality video for companies such as the AA, Pricewaterhousecoopers, Santander and Westfield, to name just a few. Put this mix together and we can offer you a range of affordable packages to allow you to start integrating professionally produced video into your marketing.


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