We have just added more kit to our stock

Chauvet case

We have just added more kit to our stock. One item in particularly that we are all excited by is our brand new battery-operated up lighting kits. These fantastic up lights run on a built-in 12-volt battery and are capable of running for over 12 consecutive hours. They have a massive light output and can be used both indoors and out.

For those technical among you they have standard DMX ports as well as a pre-installed wireless solution and yes, we have the wireless control to go with them.

The unit’s classy reflective casing helps them blend into any environment for discreet installations. The charging base facility is within the 6-unit road case.

These lights are a great asset for us as often we go into an environments like churches, conference centers and museums with little time to set up. This saves time running out cables.

Our regular clients will love these lights and so will you. Get in touch with Titan Film and Events and see how we can help light up your next event.