FAQ - Video Production

  • 1.Video Production
  • What should I consider?
    • Decide who your target audience is?
    • How long do you want your video to be?
    • What locations would you like to use?
    • What is your project deadline?
    • And most importantly what is your budget?
  • How important is the script?

    Not only are the visuals important, but so too is the scripting to ensure your message is delivered accurately, informatively and understood by the viewer.

    You can write this yourself and we can help fine tune it, or you can use one of our experienced script writers for an additional cost.


  • Can I do my own voice over?

    Yes of course you may, we also have a database of professional ‘voice over’ artists, so finding a voice to suit your video won’t be a problem. Recording them usually takes place in our studio sound booth.

  • Where do you film?

    We film all over the country and abroad.

    Of course simple talking head videos can be filmed in our purpose built studio in Birmingham, or we can come out and film at your premises (on location).


  • Do you use special equipment?

    All of our equipment is full broadcast standard from lighting and sound which helps enhance the natural environment and creates the very best visuals for your video.

    We have a range of ‘gadgets’ such as jibs and crane mounted cameras, track and dolly, product turntables and much more for our more exclusive packages. This equipment adds even more visual impact to your video.

  • How do you put my film together?

    Editing is the most vital stage of any production and so often the most overlooked.

    The editing process sets the whole style, pace and tone of the video. It’s here where special effects can be added such as 3D graphics, CGI, voice, text, and lots more.

    We use the latest industry standard Avid Media Composer digital editing suite. Your video will be edited to a ‘draft’ master for your approval before the final cut is produced.

    It is vital to have your video planned out on paper (story board) and agreed before filming commences, this makes editing easier and cost effective.

  • When will my video be finished?

    This depends on the complexity of your video and how many days filming is required. The more days involved generally means more days editing.

    A short talking head video can be turned around in a day whilst others can take anything from a week to several months.

    If your video requires complex graphics then this too is time consuming.

    We would agree on a delivery date and plan a schedule accordingly.

    We would normally present you with a draft version (rough cut) for you to comment on and then if there are any final tweaks we make these and you will then see the final version.

    Once you have signed this off we make and render your film for delivery.


  • Can I use my own music?

    Yes, if you have composed it and own the copyright.

    We have access to many sound tracks and can both source and organise the copyright buy out for you.

    You could use chart music but can cost multiple thousands to be released.

    Choosing music for your video is very important and can make or break the final video.

  • Are graphics to be provided or produced by Titan?

    Either, we always ask for your company logo, this needs to be supplied as a high resolution file in any format.

    We can produce animated graphics at an additional cost. However, some of our packages come with a graphic element included.

  • How is my finished video delivered?

    Your final video will be delivered to you within the agreed time frame and in a file format of your choice or we can produce a DVD.

    You may want artwork printed on your DVD and /or library case, We can design this for you or you can design it yourself. We can also assist with DVD duplication.

  • Who owns my final video?

    If you have come up with the concept for your video then once we have received final settlement payment you will own all of the intellectual rights apart from the music which will be granted for your production as a one off buyout.

    If Titan have written your script and/or concept. You will have total use of the video to use as you wish. However, you may not resell the concept. If you do then you will relinquish any rights on that production and all of the intellectual rights will revert back to Titan Films.

    Of course you may want to buy the intellectual rights, POA.

  • Now that I have my video, how can I use it?

    Good question, don't just think it has to just sit on your web site.

    • You could use it as an email signature
    • Upload to YouTube or Vimeo
    • Share as a blog
    • Share on Twitter
    • Share on Facebook or other social media platforms
    • Use it in presentations
    • Use it for advertising