Terms and Conditions

When opening a trade account or hiring any equipment you automatically agree to abide to all parts of our terms and conditions. You will also be issued with our terms and conditions when hiring equipment and we shall highlight areas to you where additioanl charges may be made if terms and conditions are not met.

Payment terms with Titan Film and Hire are strictly 30 days to account holders.

New clients will be required to pay in full on a pro forma basis before any work is started.

Dependent upon the Event or Filming project, it is our policy to invoice a deposit and or part payment for work to be carried out prior to the Event or Filming schedule. This invoice must be cleared before any work is carried out, this includes any pre production activity.

The balance is then due on completion of the project or part of the project if there are several sections of work to be carried out.

We reserve the right to ask for settlement within 14 days of receiving the final invoice.

Other payment structures are available by discussion and with written acceptance from the Directors of Titan Film and Hire Ltd

Failure to comply with the agreed payment terms will result in Titan Film and Hire Ltd using ‘Section 69 of the County Courts Act of 1984’ to claim penalty charges for non payment charged at 25% of invoice total. In addition, if subsequent legal action is taken by Titan Film and Hire Ltd against you for non payment then you shall also be liable and responsible for any solicitor and/or court fees.


Privacy Policy / GDPR

Note – In order for Titan Film and Hire to trade with a company either by using the service you offer or for you to engage Titan Film and Hire Ltd to undertake work on behalf of your organisation we have to set up your trading account on our accounts system.

As part of our terms and conditions for customers we may perform a soft credit check on your company using Experian in order to assess your trading terms.

Titan Film and Hire Ltd is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected when you choose to share any personal information with us.
If you request or submit an enquiry we may keep the following personal information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company role
  • Contact number(s)
  • Email address
  • Company number
  • VAT number
  • Company postal address
  • Company bank details
  • Shipping address

The information you choose to provide will be stored securely and not sold to any third party.

We use cookies in order to provide you with a better user experience. Specifically, we use cookies for Google Analytics, which helps us understand how people use our website so that we can continually improve it. Our website also uses cookies for social media such as Facebook and Twitter buttons, and for keeping you logged in when posting comments on our blog.

All information gathered is anonymous, unless you willingly pass your details to us by registering or signing up to our mailing list and helps provide you with a better browsing experience.

Titan Film and Hire Ltd does not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personal information. We may release your information when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our site policies, or protect our or others’ rights, property, or safety.
In the highly unlikely event that your data is compromised, Titan Film and Hire Ltd will notify you and competent Supervisory Authority(ies) within 72 hours by e-mail with information about the extent of the breach, affected data and Titan Film and Hire Ltd action plan for measures to secure the data and limit any possible detrimental effect on the data subjects.

“Personal data breach” means a breach of security leading to the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, personal data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed in connection with the Services we provide.
You have the right to request a copy of the information that we hold about you. If you would like a copy of some or all of your personal information, please contact us.

Amend or deletion of Information about the Data Subject.
You may without undue delay request the amendment or deletion of personal data concerning you, Titan shall update or delete the personal data without undue delay when one of the following applies:

a: We will amend the data if you advise us that the data is inaccurate.

a: the personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed;

b: if you withdraw your consent on which the processing is based, and where there is no other legal ground for the processing;

c: if you object to the processing in case the processing is for direct marketing purposes;

d: if the personal data have been unlawfully processed; or

e: if the personal data have to be erased for compliance with a legal obligation in EU or national law.

You cannot request deletion of data that has to be held by us for accounting or our compliance due to legal regulations.
We are processing your information under the basis of legitimate interests. You may opt out of any future contact from us at any time by contacting us.

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy please contact us.



Terms and conditions for hire of equipment

The hire charges commence from the date stated in the contract and are payable for the period of the hire

Equipment must be returned by 12 noon on the date specified in the contract in a clean and serviceable condition and the Customer must obtain the suppliers receipt

Additional charges accrue at the full daily rate hire rate together with consequential loss in the event of the equipment not being available for use by other customers.

All cables must be returned coiled and taped and in default a £2 charge per cable will be made

Titan Films Ltd provides spare lamps and fuses with equipment where appropriate. These and any lamps and fuses they replace must be returned with the equipment and in default their full replacement cost will be charged

All charges are payable on demand. We understand and will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms.

Please check carefully the equipment supplied by Titan Films and that it is in working order

We cannot be responsible for any defects or deficiencies discovered after it leaves our premises. The acceptance of the equipment to your care will constitute your agreement to our terms and conditions of business. They are not negotiable under any circumstances.

The following conditions apply to both private Hire and where Titan Films Ltd has been sub contracted to supply and facilitate an event.

You are reminded that you are under an obligation to insure the equipment against loss or damage. You are also advised to insure every aspect of your project in which you use our equipment against every risk including delay, loss of hire due to damage etc.

Titan Film and Hire Ltd should be named in any insurance which you take out in respect of the equipment during the hire. Marine policy packing clauses are not acceptable to the Company and should excluded from your own policy.

If you can not provide proof of insurance and wish to use our insurance provision then a charge of 10% of the equipment value total will be charged.

The hirer will be liable for an excess charge for the first £1,000.00 for each claim made.

All relevant documentation along with police crime numbers will need to be supplied.

The signatory to the contract and the Customer jointly and severally undertake with Titan Films Ltd. That everyone who uses the Equipment has been properly instructed in its safe and proper operation and will ensure that every user is in possession of the necessary instructional materiel and further will not allow the Equipment to be misused.

In the instance were Titan Film and Hire have installed equipment for third party use it may not be moved or modified. It may only be moved replaced or modified by Titan appointed staff. This is for your safety. If for any reason a third party or hirer moves equipment, staging or set then Titan Film and Hire will not be liable for subsequent injury, damage or claims arising from this movement or compromised safety of installation thereof.


Terms and conditions in relation to non package video productions

In order that we can deliver your production on time and to the agreed budget it is vital that the following terms and conditions are understood and agreed.



1.    Will be charged at pre agreed cost per day including expenses. If filming is not at our studio then it is important that every effort is made to inform people that we will be filming. Time can be lost by a noisy environment and with continual interruptions. This is also off putting for the people being filmed.

2.    All clearance, filming permissions and script content compliance will be the clients responsibility unless you, the client have asked Titan Film and Hire Ltd and we have agreed in writing to do this on your behalf. You, the client will be responsible for any facility or location fees charged including parking.

3.    Every effort must be made to allow Titan vehicles to park as close to the building being used for filming as possible. If this is not the case, then additional charges may be made if further labour has to be employed for location aid work.

4.    Once we have agreed a filming structure (storyboard) for the production then it is important that this is adhered to. There will be some room for flexibility however; if you ask us to deviate from the agreed structure you may incur additional charges for recording media and time. Please keep in mind that this may also impact on your allocated/agreed edit time.

5.    If retrospective changes to a production are made then depending upon the extent of the work involved settlement of any outstanding invoices must be made before any further work is undertaken.

6.    If filming is to be exterior then it is wise to book a stand by day in case of bad weather. Stand by days are charged at 30% of the agreed filming day rate.



1    It is essential that all elements for your edit are made available before editing commences.

2    Where a company has corporate branding guidelines these must be made available for reference before hand for discussion.

3    In the absence of brand guidelines and non advice of preferred use of font, graphic style, colour or size then we will use a font style and design graphics where appropriate if requested that we feel suite the style and audience for your production.

4    We will endeavour to meet and agree a style prior to editing. However, you will be charged £40 per hr or part of if adaption’s or re designs are requested. Please be aware that this may mean that deadlines may have to be moved in order to meet your requests.

5    We will allocate a pre agreed number of days for editing your production. It is important that the time between the first and second day scheduled for your edit gives you and your client ample time to sign off or make comments regarding the production in readiness for the scheduled completion day.

6    If the scheduled days are missed we will have to reschedule an additional day for completion. All days requested will be charged. This charge is at £400 per day.

7    Re scheduling lost or days editing that have not met our terms and conditions will have to fit in to suite other commitments within our diary. This may mean that your production will not be completed to your set deadline.

8    Any specific Instructions that you require for the edit must be available and clear before editing. Unnecessary time can be lost waiting for third parties to view footage, give feedback or waiting for files transfer from third parties etc.

9    If you choose to be present for the edit taking on the editorial role, please keep in mind that we start at 9am. Our day is 8hrs and if you arrive late you are using your allocated time.

10    If you choose not to attend the edit then it is of paramount importance that someone from your organisation is available via phone throughout the edit process from 9am – 10pm (including weekends) this person must be able to answer any questions that may arise when editing. It may be that the edit is scheduled for the weekend. Waiting for answers means that you are loosing edit time which may result in additional time or days having to be booked in order to complete your edit. Our hourly rate in these circumstances is £40 per hr and £400 per day

11    After the first days edit we will send you a low resolution version for viewing. Due to the nature of encoding files, uploading and length of your production this file will be delivered via an FTP site and is usually ready the following day for you to down load and view.

12    You will not be charged for snags relating to miss-spelling or small tweaks. Fundamental changes from our original agreed style will be charged at £40 per hr.

13    Music copyright will be cleared by Titan Film and Hire Ltd but copyright charges will be charged.

14    Once your production is complete and you, the client have signed off our work your original production rushes are available for you to take away and store. If you do not wish to take your rushes off site and you have not instructed us differently, your production rushes will be digitally wiped and then go into our general used stock and may be used for other lay off production work.

15    All charges are exclusive of VAT at current rating of 20%


SME Video Packages

The SME packages that are advertised on our website reflect:

1/ filming at our premises

2/ filmed against a blue screen back drop

3/ you are presented with a video data file to take away.

It is your responsibility:

A/ submit your script two days prior to the filming session

B/ submit your company logo in high resolution two days prior to the filming session


Your company logo may have been designed for stationary use only. Sometimes the style of logo design does not transcribe well to a TV medium. We can advise upon submission of logo

C/ clear any content within your script in terms of compliance and copyright. Titan will not be liable for any breech in this respect

D/ if you wish Titan to help you write your script there will be an additional charge of £50 per script.

E/ If you choose to take advantage of our green/blue screen facility we can recommend a visual backdrop to key in behind you. The still image must be copyright cleared and paid for.

Titan has access to many such still images. This is an additional cost which can vary depending upon the chosen image.  Between £30 - £60

If you are supplying your own still image then it must be copyright cleared and presented prior to the filming session in hi-resolution and in a 16 x 9 format.

F/ If you choose to use moving images we would need to quote for this and is separate to any of the SME packages

G/ Your SME package will be supplied in a common file type for uploading to ‘You Tube’ or Vimeo. If you wish any other file type then there will be an additional charge for encoding £30 per video.

H/ Our SME package 1 and 2 includes free hosting of your videos for 30 days (maximum of 2,000 views). If after 30 days you would like Titan to carry on hosting your  package videos we can do so for £40.00 for an 11 month term (maximum of 22,000 views across all videos hosted).

I/ Our video email signature service offers free hosting of your video email signature for 30 days (maximum of 2,000 views). If after 30 days you would like Titan to carry on hosting your video email signature we can do so for £40.00 for an 11 month term (maximum of 22,000 views across all videos, maximum quantity of 10 videos).

J/ Our hosting service is only applicable with videos produced by Titan Film and Events. No third party videos can use this hosting service.

K/ In order for you to get maximum use and longevity you are restricted to one URL/Domain address when Titan Film and Events host your videos.

If you wish Titan to host your videos then there is a charge of £45.00 per 12 months (maximum of 24,000 views) (Hosting for up to 10 one minute videos) this allows you 2,000 views per calendar month and is payable in full at the time of filming.

Once you have signed off your SME package we will delete it from our system. If you wish us to store your SME package on file for future amendments then a charge of £50 for the year will be made.

Payment is in full and prior to any filming taking place.

Terms relating to our Conference Package Solution

Whilst Delivery and Setup is included within the package cost as advertised this is subject to the venue being within a 25 mile radius of our warehouse in Halesowen. If a venue is outside of this then travel and overnight costs may apply along with any parking tariffs.


If cancellation is made within 5 days of your booked session a 50% charge of your chosen package may be charged at the discretion of Titan Film and Hire Ltd.

Charges do not apply if filming is cancelled by Titan Film and Hire Ltd which reserves the right to do, without liability. Up to 50% of any cancellation fees charged may be discounted from any subsequent booking made by the hirer at the discretion of Titan Film and Hire Ltd directors.


Cancellation of Filming or Events

Titan Films reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee based on the following:

a/  If Filming or an Event is cancelled 40 or more working days prior to the Filming or Event, no fee will be charged.

b/  If Filming or an Event is cancelled 15 to 39 working days prior to the Filming or Event the hirer will be liable for 50% of the full costs.

c/  If cancellation occurs within 15 working days of the scheduled Filming or Event, the hirer will be liable for 100% of the costs.

Charges do not apply if filming or an event is cancelled by Titan Film and Hire Ltd which reserves the right to do, without liability. Up to 50% of any cancellation fees charged may be discounted from any subsequent booking made by the hirer at the discretion of Titan Film and Hire Ltd directors.